"She champions my efforts to reclaim all that I am with intuitive guidance and accessing the inherent wisdom of imagination...This is a true collaboration, which has resulted in deeper self-acceptance, growth, and gratitude. Thank you Jenny!" -Client

"Her talent, creativity and constant inventive ideas are both inspiring and unparalleled" -Client

"Jenny's intelligence, intuition, creativity, strength and kindness are second to none. I recommend her wholeheartedly." -Client


I received a Masters (MA) in Drama Therapy from the internationally renowned Drama Therapy Program at New York University.  I am a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist (LCAT) in the state of New York and a Registered Drama Therapist (RDT.)  As a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, I facilitate both group and individual psychotherapy sessions utilizing a variety of creative interventions. I have worked clinically and creatively with children, adolescents, adults and elders.  No matter the client, I have witnessed time and time again the power of creativity in transforming discouragement into hope. Helplessness into boldness. Stagnancy into transformation.

Through grants and research awards, I have developed and produced two original projects:  The Theatre Experience Project, a theatre-based empowerment program for inner city high school youth, and Artist As Guide, a documentary examining the importance of art making as a tool for self-care and clinical insight for the psychotherapist.  I serve as Drama Therapist and Director for an intergenerational therapeutic theater project called Witness Theater, bridging Holocaust survivors with high school students. I also served as Clinical Supervisor for The Animation Project (TAP,) partnering young people in the juvenile justice system to tell their stories and share their vision through the medium of 3D animated films.

I have been a guest lecturer at New York University, empowering students to strengthen their inherent artist roles as practicing clinicians.  I have received a certificate of completion for sexual addiction training through the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT.) 

Creatively, I am a trained actress and musician.  I am also an oil painter and have exhibited my artwork in Los Angeles, Seattle and Denver.

I am a member of the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) and the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy (AASAT.)


Just over a decade ago, I started to experience a nagging curiosity that creativity could benefit people in painful and challenging situations. 

Certainly, from my own life experience up until that point, my creative endeavors had served as a rich and trusty reservoir of comfort, restoration and joy amidst challenges.  Among other artistic roles, I was a trained theatre actress and decided to offer my skills within a workshop setting to a local battered women's shelter.  Upon presenting my idea to the director of the shelter, she initially (like myself) had no real concept of what the benefits of a theatre workshop could be for the women temporarily housed at the shelter.  After all, they were in the midst of a heightened life crisis---what use could they have of theatre?  Despite the uncertainty, she took a risk and bravely let me schedule one workshop.  Her willingness opened a new chapter in my life. Upon facilitating the workshop, I became witness to the immensely transformative power of creativity. I humbly watched the participants transform from guarded and unenthusiastic bystanders into exuberant and extraordinary storytellers.  Through a theatrical aesthetic, they embodied the fullness of their narratives to their peers, resulting in great compassion, engagement and humor.  By the workshop's end, I was flooded with excited responses from the participants, inquiring when they would next be able to engage in theatre.  After hosting successive workshops at the shelter, the director offered me the invaluable feedback that the workshops served to change the relationships at the shelter from isolative to that of a "family." Creativity did indeed have healing properties.   From that moment twelve years ago, my professional passion was spurred.