A person’s a person, no matter how small.
— Dr. Seuss

Let young people do what they do best: Imagine


Play captivates, challenges and enriches children---for good reason

Play is not only a means of delight and enjoyment, but the primary way in which children learn, develop and practice new behaviors.  Through utilizing creative and dramatic play within the therapy session, children are empowered to explore a wide variety of experiences, emotions and ideas that, perhaps, they might not be able to express in words alone.  In allowing a child's imagination to spontaneously explore during the therapy session, he or she is supported and encouraged to nurture a greater sense of autonomy and vibrancy.  Overall, individual Creative Arts Therapy sessions allow children to strengthen their personal feelings of self-worth through practicing self expression in therapeutic play. 


Adolescence is an invaluable time of trying on new roles

In doing so, young people are able to test out what works and what doesn't.  It is a time of defining and refining.  Utilizing Creative Arts Therapy, specifically Drama Therapy, can be an incredibly powerful intervention with adolescents, as it emboldens them to experiment with a vast variety of roles within the psychotherapy session.  In this way, they can explore and express parts of their experience that they may have lingering questions about or enthusiasm to expand.