The individual setting is a space in time in which to explore the FULLNESS of your EXPERIENCE

Each individual session is firmly rooted in clinical practice.  As therapist, it is my position to guide you into deep exploration of the roles you play in your life and the stories you hold.  If your current life situation feels confusing, overwhelming or even hopeless, we will work collaboratively to find practical ways in which to not only offer relief, but strengthen your feelings of joy, balance and confidence.  Each individual session will include creative and therapeutic exercises to offer insight, support and empowerment.



  • Identify stressors and challenges while creatively exploring new options

  • Offer you practical tools in which to deal with feelings of depression, anxiety and immobility

  • Aid in deepening your connection to your overall goals and vision

  • Offer a sense of distance in which to reflect upon fear, anger and painful experiences

  • Strengthen your connection to your stories

  • Enhance your understanding of rigidity, patterns and sticking points within your life

  • Allow you to examine the roles you commonly play in your life and practice new ones

  • Allow you to experiment and rehearse new behaviors through role work

  • Increase your personal spontaneity and ability to make strong choices

Every individual matters. Every individual has a role to play. Every individual makes a difference.
— Jane Goodall