To create one’s own world takes courage.
— Georgia O'Keeffe


As a Creative Arts Therapist and Drama Therapist, I view the psychotherapy session as an invaluable time of creative exploration.


First and foremost, each session is rooted firmly in psychotherapeutic practice.  Together we will creatively examine the roles you play in your life, including which roles you would like to expand and which roles may be causing you distress.  Are you feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed or stuck?  Odds are you are playing out a role that is causing you to stay in this place, time and time again.  Let's explore and identify it together.  Next, we'll take it a step further to identify and practice the roles that strengthen and embolden you to live a more joyful, balanced and satisfying life. 


What are the stories within your life?  Have you been able to share them and explore them?  Perhaps some of the stories in your life are traumatic.  Maybe you come from a background of abuse, abandonment, neglect or strife.  Perhaps your story includes elements of heartbreak and hardship.  Maybe your story includes poor modeling from the very people in your life you were supposed to be able to trust.  Whatever your story is, it deserves to be told.  Within the safety of our sessions together, we will honor your stories and utilize them to explore the ways in which you want to write your current life's story. 


J.L. Moreno, psychiatrist and founder of psychodrama perceived spontaneity as the key to health.  In what ways has your life become rigid and immovable?  What are your sticking points and the places in which you repeat behaviors and choices that lead to pain or disappointment?  Through working together spontaneously, we supportively challenge all the parts within you that have felt gridlocked.  We will practice spontaneity together through a variety of creative and therapeutic exercises and practices that will serve as a practical means to creating movement and transformation in your life.