In recent years, sexual and pornography addictions have finally become household names.  Despite this, sexual and pornography addictions are still highly under-identified.  Sexual and/or pornography addiction can wreak havoc on individuals, marriages and families.  Fortunately, as with any addiction, identifying sexual and/or pornography addiction within your life serves as the first step towards recovery.  If you or your spouse has identified his or her sexual and/or pornography addiction, a therapeutic process can be vital in combating well-worn behaviors, replacing them with a fuller understanding of the power and strength of a healthy sexuality.

I work with both couples and individuals to identify the ways in which sexual and/or pornography addiction have caused distress and disturbance in their lives, as well as offer practical tools to develop new patterns, choices and habits. 

Through strengthening and honing your sexuality, you can increase your capacity for intimacy within your life.  This can function as the key to untangling a life that feels empty and lonely or a marriage that feels strained and unfulfilled.  Through truly empowering your sexuality, you can forge a life that feels more joyful, satisfying and alive.